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Style Tiles - To the point

  • Style Tiles - To the point

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Posted by: John F
Posted: Mar 19th 2014
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Style Tiles are a great addition to our web design process, but if they are still confusing you as to when and how you should be using them check out this short inteview with their creator, Samantha Warren.

"Style Tiles are a tool that help you remain flexible in your design process. They are the step between a mockup and a conversation, and can take lots of different physical forms. Style Tiles are less about an actual “thing,” and more about the journey you take to arrive at a look and feel. It’s about being more efficient, so there is more time to spend working on the extra special details—like just the right texture or the perfect little shadow. Or finding the font with the best uppercase R for the design. Nothing like a good strong sturdy uppercase R!"

Read more here, and while you are at it see what else An Event Apart has on offer.

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