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AGIdeas – Melbourne 2011

  • AGIdeas – Melbourne 2011
  • AGIdeas – Melbourne 2011
  • AGIdeas – Melbourne 2011
  • AGIdeas – Melbourne 2011
  • AGIdeas – Melbourne 2011

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Posted by: Peter
Posted: May 24th 2011
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Earlier this month Melbourne once again played host to a wide range of creative minds from diverse disciplines at AGIdeas. Held annually in (arguably) Australia's cultural capital, AGIdeas is an internationally-recognised creative forum that seeks to inspire and excite individuals through a series of talks, workshops and other networking events during the course of a jam-packed week of design goodness. 

The calibre of speakers at this year's event was once again extremely high, with the likes of Per Mollerup, Nick Bell, Christopher Doyle, Erik AdigardFanette Mellier (a warning before you visit her site, if you're sensitive to bright colours!), Ken Miki and Sascha Lobe all gracing the stage in front of an eager-as-ever audience. A personal favourite speaker was Bruce Bigelow from Electric Art — as graphic designers one of our most valuable assets is the attention we devote to our craft, and I have to say that these guys take the cake when it comes to labouring over every minute detail… truly awe-inspiring.

One of the best things about AGIdeas is the fact that the speakers aren't all graphic designers. Sure, we love drooling over slide after slide of eye candy (though to give due credit to the speakers, their work runs far deeper than just good looks) but it is always really interesting to get an understanding of how other people, passionately wedded to their work — whatever it may be — approach their day-to-day. Cases in point would be the witty Oslo Davis, designer / artist / sculptor Matthew Harding, illustrator Dean Gorissen, architect Stefanie Flaubert and one of Melbourne's favourite foodie sons, Guy Grossi.

Don't worry if you missed this year's event — year after year AGIdeas manages to pull together an amazing array of presenters. It's probably worth adding a reminder to your calendar to check in here in about 10 months' time!

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