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Typographic Treasure Hunt, by Claire Blanch

  • Typographic Treasure Hunt, by Claire Blanch
  • Typographic Treasure Hunt, by Claire Blanch
  • Typographic Treasure Hunt, by Claire Blanch
  • Typographic Treasure Hunt, by Claire Blanch

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Posted by: Thea
Posted: Jun 4th 2013
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This is part of a short little series, talking to some of the Shillington graduates involved in The Design Kids' Threesome exhibition. You can see the finished artworks out and about living life on the streets in Surry Hills over the next few days. Claire Blanch studied with us full-time and graduated just a few weeks ago. She talks about her experience working as a team, paired up with design graduate Chrisanti Indiana and The Creative Method for this project.

We kicked off the design process chatting about what our three word statement could be. Our concept was to place the statement on a lenticular 3D design piece. The idea was to have the ability to view different messages depending on the direction you were looking at the artwork from. I found this a really interesting concept as so many ideas have more than one meaning. After exploring some serious topics we settled on What goes around comes around, based around the idea of love. But that's not a three word statement, I hear you say? It is from one direction! 

I chose the word "around" and actually looked up the definition. From this I picked out the words "circular motion". My first concept was looped text which evoked a circular movement. When we tried the first mock up, even though my typography was simple it was difficult to read on a dimensional surface. I had another look at the typography, this time I tried a sans serif uppercase typeface and simplified the looping. Unfortunately the design was still too hard to read on the 3D form, however this process of trial and error was all part of coming up with the design solution and learning new things. I've always believed you should never stop learning. I worked on simplifying the design further and in the end the typography was simplistic but I loved how even a simple typeface can look quite complex when you change its application and dimension. 

After doing a final mock up we were pleased to see all the typography clearly showed the message at a glance, an important part of our concept as it was to be quickly read by passers by.Thanks to all our efforts we powered through and completed the piece. Lee from TCM went to great lengths to construct the 3D structure and we all pieced together the typography puzzle and stuck it down. It was amazing to see it take shape and be able to move it around to reveal both sides of the artwork. This process was such a fun experience. We completed the artwork with a good laugh, great times and awesome team work!

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