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Posted by: Thea
Posted: Jun 2nd 2013
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You've finished your study, or perhaps graduation is not far off, and you're about to take that scary leap into the weird and wonderful world of graphic design. You probably have a million questions about what to do from here - but look no further, because we've complied a list of some of the best advice for you brand new designers.

We love The Loop founder Pip Jamieson's top tips for landing that dream design gig. She gets a lot of young designers picking her brains about how they should go about getting their first job, but her article doesn't stop at getting your foot in the door - she also talks about what you should do once you've got that coveted desk in a studio.

David Airey gets thousands of emails from graphic design students wanting advice. Over the years he's published answers to the most common questions, and he's collected the most helpful advice here. It's a treasure trove!

One of the biggest questions for design students out there is money. What should a designer charge? There are a couple of great articles that try to answer that age-old question. Jessica Hische's The Dark Art of Pricing is a good place to start. Eric Karjaluoto's recent article encourages creatives to repeat their new mantra: "I will bill for it." Jason Blumer talks also about pricing strategy in a no-nonsense way. 

Read any other advice articles recently that you've found particularly useful? Add them in the comments below.

EDIT: Thanks to Spencer Harrison of Happy Studio for teling us about this article by Mike Monteiro. We particularly love the following piece of advice: "Stalking/research should tell you whether a suit will impress or terrify your prospective employers." Indeed.

Also, we found this infographic useful - detailing all the stuff you should know before your next job interview, 33% of bosses claimed they knew within the first 90 seconds whether of not they were going to hire that candidate. First impressions do make a difference!

Originally posted on AGDA NSW's blog. Check it out to see what other studios have been sharing the past few months!

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