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Bubble Wrap Typography

  • Bubble Wrap Typography
  • Bubble Wrap Typography
  • Bubble Wrap Typography
  • Bubble Wrap Typography

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Posted by: Julian
Posted: May 20th 2013
No. of comments: 5

Spanish graphic design studio Lo Siento have developed a 3D typographic technique where they inject coloured water inside the blisters of bubble wrap to create letters. Having been commissioned for a Wired magazine cover, it's a delicate process but clearly worth it!

Comments: 5

  • Mônica
    Brazil, Porto Alegre | Nov 4th 2014
    That's amazing! I tryed to do this with watercolor inside the bubbles! Great stuff!
  • Chachi
    United States, Tampa | Aug 20th 2013
    I'd be that idiot who runs in to it and gets covers in water
  • Dee
    United States, Houston | Aug 17th 2013
    It appears to be food coloring, used in frosting and baking. Could be dye for Easter eggs. I don't know if it is the same. Hope it is stain-proof.
  • Char
    United States, Seattle | Aug 7th 2013
    Where can I get the neadles?
  • Hee
    Australia, Rowville | Jul 29th 2013
    This is a brilliant idea! I cannot wait to have a trial by myself!!! Thank you for sharing this. I love it. Could you tell me what kind of ink you used???

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