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Win a one year subscription to Monster Children!

  • Win a one year subscription to Monster Children!

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Posted by: Thea
Posted: Apr 22nd 2013
No. of comments: 15

Today we are really excited to offer you the chance to win a one year subscription to Monster Children magazine! All you have to do is (1) leave a comment on this post, letting us know in 25 words or less what inspires you about design, and (2) visit our Facebook page and share this image with your friends. It's that easy! This giveaway is open to anyone anywhere in the world. Entries close at 1200 noon on Friday (AEST). Good luck!

Comments: 15

  • Amanda
    Australia, Adelaide | Apr 24th 2013
    Seeing the world from a different point of view and sharing it with others in a way that inspires them to take action.
  • Elske
    Australia, Melbourne | Apr 24th 2013
    What inspires me about design is that it can tell you a story, without the use of words. It communicates in an open and honest way, there's no 'read between the lines'.
  • Kseniya
    United States, new york | Apr 23rd 2013
    designing is challenging. you never know what you will get at the end of the process. it pushes you forward. to the unknown, to discover.
  • Esther
    United Kingdom, London | Apr 23rd 2013
    What excites me about design is when two unexpected elements come together where you least expect; when chemistry and art collide and explode!
  • Tine Rosal
    Australia, Brisbane | Apr 22nd 2013
    What inspires me about design? I guess it's everything - being able to communicate with people universally and being able to convey what you think is right and awesome.
  • Mariko
    Australia, Sydney | Apr 22nd 2013
    It's definitely inspiring how heavily design can influence and win people's decisions and taste. The world cannot live without designers!
  • Diana-z
    Australia, Sydney | Apr 22nd 2013
    White space!
  • Carolyn Thompson
    Australia, Moree | Apr 22nd 2013
    I'm inspired by designs that break rules within boundaries.
  • Leah
    Australia, Brisbane | Apr 22nd 2013
    I'm fascinated by beautiful typography and handmade anything. The uniqueness of handmade and the beauty of type.
  • Nicole Baldock
    Australia, sydney | Apr 22nd 2013
    Monster Children is the shiznit!
  • Jobey
    Australia, Gold Coast | Apr 22nd 2013
    N o th ing bea ts a w e ll kerned word(s)!
  • Katy
    Australia, Brisbane | Apr 22nd 2013
    Believe it or not, Monster Children was my inspiration to get into design. I'd always read the magazine since I was in high school and one day when flicking through I saw an ad for Shillington and was like 'yep. That's what I want to do!' So I applied and about 3 months later studied full time in Sydney. So a year supply to my favorite magazine would be possibly the coolest thing to happen!
  • Mick
    Australia, brisbane | Apr 22nd 2013
    What inspires me the most about design? this endless combinations and fragments of the universal canvas we call life!
  • Alex
    Australia, Brisbane | Apr 22nd 2013
    I'm inspired by listening to great designers talk about and show their work and their career! And I'm inspired by their passion.
  • Vanessa Di Cristino
    Italy, Parma | Apr 22nd 2013
    G'day (from this side of the world) buddies! What inspire me while I design is...just you guys!: your way to put illustration and writing into the page, combining fonts and images just in the right way, based on the argument of the article... So if you could gimme one year of your mag...I will get inspired for the next full year!!! Keep it up! Vanessa

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