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'Uninvited redesigns'

  • 'Uninvited redesigns'
  • 'Uninvited redesigns'
  • 'Uninvited redesigns'
  • 'Uninvited redesigns'
  • 'Uninvited redesigns'

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Posted by: Peter
Posted: Aug 30th 2012
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Something I picked up on Twitter yesterday via The Coolhunter (still a firm favourite for inspiration!) — a cool (read: very hipster) take on American Airlines' branding. It's the work of Anna Kövecses (check out her Behance site for some really lovely work, including some beautiful illustration work), a Cypriot designer who won $1000 and considerable exposure for her troubles. You can read all about how the project came to be here.

The work — and the forum which spawned it — really exemplifies the virtues of self-initiated and initiative-laden work. Yes, our industry is a competitive one, it certainly has been for as long as I've been a part of it, and it's unlikely to change any time soon. As we advise all of our students, you really do need to work hard to get your work seen, and one of the most common traits we hear prospective employers looking for is initiative. It's never enough to plod along being content with the status quo. You need to constantly be looking at how things can be improved. How things can be better. And more importantly, how your skills and initiative can be put to good use to see communication being more effective.

Comments: 1

  • Modernlogodesign
    United States, cortland | Sep 6th 2012
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