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What is the future of design?

  • What is the future of design?

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Posted by: Renee
Posted: Jun 12th 2012
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Last week I was fortunate enough to see Frank Chimero speak at the Portable event at Brisbane's Edge. It was an inspiring afternoon where questions were asked of designers about the way we work and why we do things? 

Drawing on findings from his book, The Shape of Design, Frank asked us 'What does it mean to be a designer in 2012?'

Many designers are currently in a state of flux. Trying to decide which direction to take as new media, apps and the long present web explode. Leaving conventional print spinning in its wake. Aside from technical changes and and the need to stay current within our industry we also need to consider what is good design? Creating work that is not only aesthetically pleasing but that can communicate, and can move. Graphic design must continue to challenge but also be benevolent regardless of the form the end product takes. 

Coming away from the event and finishing reading The Shape of Design, I was able to clarify a few things about the way I have been feeling about graphic design. Our industry evolves so quickly its hard to keep up but I have learnt that if we always ask the why? Question the conventions? This allows us to problem solve with fresh thinking, with a new direction. To not be scared of the unknown. Our design process, our ideas are the consistent element. 

"Think of the content, tone and format of a brief as levers on a machine. Play with the settings." Frank Chimero

Oh and one last thing for Brisbanites. The Asia Pacific Design Library now has Frank's top 10 inspirational books available for your perusal.

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