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Printers - Sydney

  • Printers - Sydney

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Posted by: Lee
Posted: Nov 10th 2011
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Below are a list of printers that are suitable for printing your portfolio in Sydney. They provide digital printing and the machines and the quality of print they produce will differ from printer to printer.

It is recommended that you speak with your lecturer for further advice and recommendations before printing. Another great tip is if you have sufficient time to do some test prints before printing your entire folio out. Perhaps send the first few pages. 

This is the final hurdle to the course, it makes sense to invest what you can in your folio printing, because it's quality says something about you and why spend hours in a pice of design if the printing doesn't show it off.

Triple check your artwork is all correct before sending files otherwise you might end up having to pay to print it again.

Traditionally for Full-time students may be advised of a specific printer to use and the entire classes files sent at once. This is usually done midday on the Tuesday before Friday graduation to ensure that the prints return in good time. Printing as a group will keep the cost down to minimum as you don't have to pay the setup cost.

Currently Full-time are being printed by Carbon8 in Alexandria they use an HP Indigo digital printer which uses ink rather than toner giving a much higher quality feel than alot of other short run digital machines which could be equivalent to a Xerox colour copier quality.

Printers in Sydney:

Carbon8 Ground Floor, 36 Wyndham St, Alexandria, NSW 2015
Tel 02 9212 1313

Quality: Indigo Machine, great quality need to request this machine. Great Standard, would recommend for price and quality.
Turnaround: TBC (a few days)
Size: Oversize A3 Max Print Size 450×310mm
Cost: If printing as a group with class (as a single PDF). $2 an A3. And the setup cost will be split ebtween class.
If you are organisning your own print check on the turnaround time and cost. They may not be the cheapest printer but they are definitley up there as one of the best.

They offer an excellent service beyond the standard 4 colour printing. After you leave you might be interested in checking some of the offerings such as embossing, die cutting, pantone printing, spot UV, foiling and singer sewn binding.



Digital Press 137-141 Devonshire Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010

Tel 1300 377 377

Quality: Kodak NexPress Photo 3300, Good quality. Of the toner based printers this is one of the better solutions and Digital press keep there machine in good service so this tends to get better results. 

Turnaround: TBC (a few days)

Size: Oversize A3 trimmed to A3, Max Print Size 660mm x 350mm
Digitalpress is one of Sydney's print innovators and is an avid supporter of the design community often printing sponsor for agda and design events. Founder Theo's knowledge and experience in print is undeniable and digitalpress always seem to look to push the boudaries of what you can do with digital and short run printing. In the future you may be interested in some of these interesting techniques such as digital foiling rather than get a form/block made (which is expensive you can get a a foil printed), raised printing (like a digital emboss almost), digital spot varnish and they seem to like to experiment with materials.
Worldwide Online Printing CBD, 197 Clarence Street Sydney NSW 2000

Tel  02 9279 3991
Quality: Fuji Xerox, Toner based printer, Reasonable quality.

Turnaround: TBC (sameday/next day and sometimes on the spot, check with them.)

Size: A3 (A3+)
Worldwide is an Australia wide print franchise so you may have one closer to home, check the website for details.
If you are running low on time this would be an reasonable solution but if you are looking for quality rather than  speed you find it here.
Kwik Kopy Clarence Street. Ground Floor - 30 Clarence Street 
Tel 02 9262 4040
Quality: Xerox 700, Toner based printer, Reasonable quality.

Turnaround: TBC (same day or next day)

Size: Oversize A3 trimmed to A3
If you are running low on time this would be an reasonable solution but if you are looking for quality rather than  speed you find it here.
There are other kwik copy centres in proximity to the college, Market Street and Pitt Street. Check the website for their details





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    Australia, Sydney | Nov 14th 2012
    Thanks! Very helpful:)
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    Australia, Sydney | Oct 8th 2012
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