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Zootool image bookmarking, digital visual diary and moodboards.

  • Zootool image bookmarking, digital visual diary and moodboards.

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Posted by: Lee
Posted: Sep 22nd 2011
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If you are looking for a place to collect the sites, images and work you love to look at the Zootool is the perfect place to do it. Really easy to use. Allows you to categorise bookmarked images easily and bookmark sites you love to visit.

It offers simple tools that you can add to your browser (safari, chrome, firefox) bookmark panel. So when you stumble across an image you like you can simply click on the button and add to your Zootool.

Creating your own categories is easy. You can have up to 20 for free or unlimited if you buy the PRO license.

It also has an app for your iphone. So you can do it on the run.

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