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Colorschemers online tool makes colour palettes easy.

  • Colorschemers online tool makes colour palettes easy.

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Posted by: Lee
Posted: Sep 22nd 2011
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Colorschemedesigner is fantastic online tool that can speed up your colour palette creation. It allows you select various types of colour palettes based on the number of colours you'd like to use. The colour wheel interface is easy to use and has quick control selections such as complementary, mono etc.

It also has a randomize function that can through you some unexpected results that you may otherwise not select.
You can export the colour scheme created as HTML or rgb and even as a swatch palette for photoshop. It must be said that it focused more on creating palettes for online it can help a print designer locate palettes that work together (you'll just have to use check against your pantone bridge or process book for best print results).

Another great feature is its ability to preview the colours as colour blind person would see it even down to the particular type of colour blindness. Colour blindness apparently effects 1 in 10 men. So it really is something we should consider for wayfinding signage and environmental graphics where choosing the wrong colour could effect there ability to locate the emergency exit.

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