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The dark art of pricing your work

  • The dark art of pricing your work

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Posted by: Ash
Posted: Sep 8th 2011
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I stumbled upon this from a retweet on twitter and well worth the read, jumping into the world of freelance can be scary but Jessica Hische - a successful creative freelancer, breaks down the pricing struggle and how to charge appropriately for your time! it's a bit lengthy but if you get to the end you will be well rewarded.

Comments: 2

  • Jen
    Australia, Sydney | Aug 20th 2012
    Hi Mel, I think the first thing I would do is politely advise her that you've noticed that she's using your work on her twitter site and that it wasn't included in the contract as work you'd agreed for her to use and see what she says. I think you are justified to request that she pay you for using work you've created or remove it from her site. Obviously I haven't seen the contract and I'm not an expert in copyright law but the first thing I would do is just approach her in a non-confrontational way and see how that goes.
  • Mel
    China, Hong Kong SAR | Aug 20th 2012
    Hi, I found this post very helpful! A client of mine has paid me in full for logo design and web design, however, I have recently discovered that she is using one of my draft work that she did not pay for, all over her company twitter page. How do I tackle the situation? We have signed a contract and this piece of work was not paid for, nor included in the contract as work she would receive. It is a jpeg that I sent her a day after our first meeting. although, it was just a draft, I don't feel comfortable with her using it and I had no idea she was using it. Any advice will be appreciated!

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