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FIFA World Cup - Petr Tichy's Side Project

  • FIFA World Cup - Petr Tichy's Side Project

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Posted by: John F
Posted: Jun 11th 2014
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So I believe there's some sort of little soccer/football thing about to start in Brazil. Clearly this whole thing will be passing me by, but not Petr our Melbourne Web Course teacher whose a bit of a football 'nut'.

Combining his love of football and the web, he created a mobile web app for the World Cup with game schedules as a side project. This not only keeps him up to date with all the matches but was also a good chance to explore some interesting JavaScript libraries. Starting out as a personal project shared with a few mates, the site got shared around a lot more and turned into a mini internet success. Clearly it pays to create side projects because you never know where they might end up.

Check out Petr's blog post about the process over at his site.

If you're also a 'football nut' then you should also check out his Pocket World Cup Scheduler on your mobile.  

Nice work Petr!

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