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How to build your creative confidence

Category: Documentaries/Film, Resources / Educational,

Posted by: Jen
Posted: Sep 13th 2012
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David Kelley of IDEO gives a wonderful Ted Talk on building creative confidence. Great to watch if you think you're 'just not a creative type'. ...

Studio Culture — EVENT

Studio Culture — EVENT

Category: Designers/Studios, Events/Exhibitions,

Posted by: Peter
Posted: Jun 21st 2012
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Unit Editions and the Design Museum are set to host what promises to be an amazingly invaluable day of talks and Q&A on Friday, July 13. This is the same day that you FT'ers in the UK finish up, though the event is on until 8pm so there's no real reason you couldn't (nay, shouldn&...

Joel Bauer talks business cards

Category: Design / Branding/Identity, Interviews / Individual,

Posted by: Jen
Posted: Oct 16th 2011
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This isn't a new one but every now and then I have to watch it to have a laugh. Not sure his business card looks as though it was 25 years in the making but his does have a point about what your business card says about you. And for those of you who haven't seen the business card scene in 'American Py...