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Train Set Typopgrahy

Train Set Typopgrahy

Category: Design / Typography,

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Posted: Jun 14th 2011
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  Self-initiated typography experiment by Ludvig Bruneau Rossow where he used an old train set, found in his grandmother's basement as the basis for creating letters.   ...

The Ice Book: Davy and Kristin McGuire

Category: Animation / Motion Graphics,

Posted by: Maz
Posted: Apr 27th 2011
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  The Ice Book from Davy and Kristin McGuire on ...

Dave Sedgwick aka design by dave

Dave Sedgwick aka design by dave

Category: Designers/Studios,

Posted by: Daniel Madden
Posted: Apr 14th 2011
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I love Dave Sedwicks work in particular this identity for Benn Spriggs Photography stationery for it's boldness and simplicity. It is an idea that can be repetitiously used across a ride range of medium and clearly communicate the message it is meant to convey. Love his wine packaging design for Raymond Reynold's Wine their is a clear sense of repetition between each bottle, through both solid c...