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AGDA NSW Earning is the new learning

AGDA NSW Earning is the new learning

Category: Events/Exhibitions,

Posted by: Tanya
Posted: Oct 18th 2012
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  Show me the money workshop. Brought to you by AGDA NSW.   Saturday 10 November  9.30am-1pm   Workshop outline: Clie...

Joel Bauer talks business cards

Category: Design / Branding/Identity, Interviews / Individual,

Posted by: Jen
Posted: Oct 16th 2011
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This isn't a new one but every now and then I have to watch it to have a laugh. Not sure his business card looks as though it was 25 years in the making but his does have a point about what your business card says about you. And for those of you who haven't seen the business card scene in 'American Py...

Going Solo - Great advice from Studio Botes

Category: Animation / Motion Graphics, Designers/Studios,

Posted by: Maz
Posted: Sep 5th 2011
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Great business advice from international designers, stop-motion style. Thanks designtaxi! ...