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We Love These Guys

  • Joy Stain

    Joy Stain


    Posted by: Sarah Dern, BNE
    Posted: Apr 3rd 2013

    Noa Emberson aka Joy Stain. Noa lives in Maui, Hawai'i. He is a surfer/musician/illustrator/type creator and graphic ... More
  • Anton Pearson

    Anton Pearson


    Posted by: Katie Patterson, BNE
    Posted: Mar 31st 2013

    Anton is a recent graduate designer from Brooklyn NY. His treatment of type is really cool, it's abstract and layered... More
  • Bogidar Mascarenas

    Bogidar Mascarenas


    Posted by: Ellie Markwell , BNE
    Posted: Mar 25th 2013

    Bogidar is a one very talented Spaniard! This 22 year old is fresh from graduating in Barcelona, and specialises in typo... More
  • Zim and Zou

    Zim and Zou


    Posted by: Crystal Lin, SYD
    Posted: Mar 21st 2013

    Zim and Zou are two awesome 25 year olds who have such a passion for working with their hands. All respect goes to them ... More
  • InHouse Design

    InHouse Design


    Posted by: Leah Mayes, BNE
    Posted: Mar 19th 2013

    I'm really loving the simplicity of InHouse's designs. From the clever play on words, to the bold statements they make w... More
  • Experimental Jetset

    Experimental Jetset


    Posted by: Jacqui Dyson, BNE
    Posted: Mar 19th 2013

    With a really engaging website that documents the conceptual process for nearly all of their work (yep - all the ups, do... More
  • Kasper Florio

    Kasper Florio


    Posted by: Celeste Muller, BNE
    Posted: Mar 12th 2013

    I love the work of Swedish design studio, Kasper Florio! They have great examples of how to use type as a graphic, creat... More
  • Letitia Buchan

    Letitia Buchan


    Posted by: Mayah Higgins, SYD
    Posted: Mar 11th 2013

    I love the work of Melbourne-based Letitia Buchan. I love these typographic designs, there is an uplifting & playful app... More
  • Manual

    Manual "San Francisco Design Week" Re-Brand


    Posted by: Amelia Dowd, BNE
    Posted: Mar 11th 2013

    I think the re-brand of San Francisco Design Week is beautiful and adaptable, as well as being simple and clever. I love... More
  • FIJI Airways

    FIJI Airways


    Posted by: Laura Shaw, BNE
    Posted: Mar 11th 2013

    Fiji Airways underwent a complete rebrand to more closely align the airline with its proud Fijian heritage. The previous... More