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We Love These Guys

  • Letitia Buchan

    Letitia Buchan


    Posted by: Mayah Higgins, SYD
    Posted: Mar 11th 2013

    I love the work of Melbourne-based Letitia Buchan. I love these typographic designs, there is an uplifting & playful app... More
  • Manual

    Manual "San Francisco Design Week" Re-Brand


    Posted by: Amelia Dowd, BNE
    Posted: Mar 11th 2013

    I think the re-brand of San Francisco Design Week is beautiful and adaptable, as well as being simple and clever. I love... More
  • FIJI Airways

    FIJI Airways


    Posted by: Laura Shaw, BNE
    Posted: Mar 11th 2013

    Fiji Airways underwent a complete rebrand to more closely align the airline with its proud Fijian heritage. The previous... More
  • Amber Asay

    Amber Asay


    Posted by: Kimberly Gorrie, SYD
    Posted: Mar 11th 2013

    I adore the work of Amber Asay, a recent graduate of BYU university who is living and working in Orlando Florida and int... More
  • Studio Airport

    Studio Airport


    Posted by: Emma Ingham, MEL
    Posted: Mar 6th 2013

    Airport Studio is a design studio based in Utrecht in The Netherlands and made up of three Dutch lads - Vincent de Boer,... More
  • Lotta Nieminen

    Lotta Nieminen


    Posted by: Rhys Thurlow, BNE
    Posted: Mar 6th 2013

    I really love design based around illustration. Lotta Nieminen is designer/illustrator from Helsinki, Finland. She is ba... More
  • Haizea Najera

    Haizea Najera


    Posted by: Bethany Wiedemann, BNE
    Posted: Mar 4th 2013

    I love the simple elegance of these designs. Najera shows great attention to detail in the design of her nature inspired... More
  • Gemma O'Brien

    Gemma O'Brien


    Posted by: Katy Simpson, MEL
    Posted: Mar 4th 2013

    Looking into typography & type packages, I immediately thought of Gemma O'Brien after seeing her speak & perform her pro... More
  • Penney Design

    Penney Design


    Posted by: Elske Kooistra, MEL
    Posted: Mar 1st 2013

    I love the work of Penney Design because of how they create a retro feel in their work. They have translated this really... More
  • Maricor / Maricar

    Maricor / Maricar


    Posted by: Thea Powell, SYD
    Posted: Oct 24th 2012

    Absolutely loving the embroidered typography by design duo Maricor / Maricar. They describe themselves as makers of thin... More