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We Love These Guys

  • Aurelie Maron

    Aurelie Maron


    Posted by: Anthony Yee, SYD
    Posted: Oct 1st 2013

    I love the beautiful typographic treatments used by Aurelie Maron in her work. They are very symmetrically balanced and ... More
  • Belinda Bath - photographer

    Belinda Bath - photographer


    Posted by: Janice Parker, SYD
    Posted: Oct 1st 2013

    I love Belinda Bath's photography work and fabulous use of colour palettes to produce these amazing pieces of artwork. S... More
  • Aaron Horkey

    Aaron Horkey


    Posted by: Alex V, SYD
    Posted: Oct 1st 2013

    Aaron Horkey is an American graphic designer and poster artist from Minnesota. He is most well-known for his surreal ima... More
  • Shazzam!



    Posted by: Elske Kooistra, MEL
    Posted: Jul 25th 2013

    A promotional brochure. The Little Book of Photo-shoppe Trickery. ... More
  • Gura Fiku

    Gura Fiku


    Posted by: sam... definitely sam... , SYD
    Posted: Jul 4th 2013

    so much variation. so much goodness.... More
  • Christopher Monro DeLorenzo

    Christopher Monro DeLorenzo


    Posted by: Alexander Newall, SYD
    Posted: Jul 1st 2013

    I love DeLorenzo's use of monochromatic colour to create a sense of repetition throughout his design, as well as a sense... More
  • RE



    Posted by: Chengzuo Zhen, MEL
    Posted: Jun 25th 2013

    Whether or not this branding design for Optus (the second largest telecommunication company in Australia) suits its targ... More
  • Manual Creative

    Manual Creative


    Posted by: Trisha Mee, SYD
    Posted: Jun 13th 2013

    I love the work that Manual Creative produce because of their simple, yet strong and minimal design aesthetic. They also... More
  • Cristiana Couceiro

    Cristiana Couceiro


    Posted by: Tk Price, MEL
    Posted: Jun 12th 2013

    I love the work of Cristiana Couceiro, because of how she uses fantastic colour palettes and utilises elements of Swiss ... More
  • Ah & Oh Studio

    Ah & Oh Studio


    Posted by: Elske Kooistra, MEL
    Posted: May 7th 2013

    I showed these guys in our Melbourne class, but really wanted to show this to everyone else. This is a design for th... More