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We Love These Guys




    Posted by: Renaud Cruvellier, LDN
    Posted: Nov 19th 2013

    What attracted me was the elegance and sophistication behind the different type designs. You can tell the artist's backg... More
  • The Fox Is Black

    The Fox Is Black


    Posted by: Luke Jones, LDN
    Posted: Nov 11th 2013

    The Fox Is Black is a very informative design blog which is run by designer Bobby Solomon in LA. Alongside up to date cr... More
  • Andrew Colin Beck

    Andrew Colin Beck


    Posted by: Ruth M, LDN
    Posted: Nov 11th 2013

    I love the work of Andrew Colin Beck, a designer and illustrator who lives and works in NYC. He has done a vast variety... More
  • Designbolaget



    Posted by: Sophie Jurkiewicz, LDN
    Posted: Nov 10th 2013

    Designbolaget are a Danish studio working out of Copenhagen. They describe their studio as one working at the intersecti... More
  • Jessica Svendsen at Pentagram NY

    Jessica Svendsen at Pentagram NY


    Posted by: Daniella , LDN
    Posted: Nov 7th 2013

    Love how she plays with the forms and integrates with typography. Such strong alignment and hierarchy principles! ... More
  • Mega



    Posted by: James Huson, MAN
    Posted: Nov 6th 2013

    I particularly loved this piece of work from Mega. It was a proposal for the branding of the city they're based in, Cope... More
  • Bond Creative Agency

    Bond Creative Agency


    Posted by: Charlotte Tansley Thomas, LDN
    Posted: Oct 27th 2013

    I love the work of Bond Creative, an agency with a focus on branding. I particularly like their Allsorts packaging - the... More
  • Alex Prager

    Alex Prager


    Posted by: Charlotte D, SYD
    Posted: Oct 7th 2013

    I've been obsessing over Alex's work for a couple of years now. I love the fact that she's 100% self taught (she dropped... More
  • Kate Moross

    Kate Moross


    Posted by: Ella Veillet, SYD
    Posted: Oct 7th 2013

    Kate Moross became an established designer whilst she was still studying graphic design at Camberwell. I love how she ha... More
  • Olly Moss

    Olly Moss


    Posted by: Edouard Coune, MAN
    Posted: Oct 7th 2013

    Olly Moss is one of those illustrator/designer that makes you feel lazy, he produces a lot of work, and all of it, is wo... More