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We Love These Guys

  • The Souvenir Society

    The Souvenir Society


    Posted by: Amoni Best, SYD
    Posted: Feb 25th 2014

    The Souvenir Society is a collaboration between Kasia Gadecki (packaging designer) and Allison Colpoys (book designer),... More
  • Kemistry Gallery

    Kemistry Gallery


    Posted by: Rosie Prior, LDN
    Posted: Feb 24th 2014

    Kemistry Gallery is a brilliant little gallery in Shoreditch, London that shows graphic design exhibitions. It's a brill... More
  • Creature Comforts Blog

    Creature Comforts Blog


    Posted by: Rosie Prior, LDN
    Posted: Feb 24th 2014

    This is an awesome blog that has all sorts of creative stuff on, plus DIY tutorials on how to make your own stationary, ... More



    Posted by: Rosie Prior, LDN
    Posted: Feb 24th 2014

    This is a blog about all different things - art, design, interiors, food, fashion and beauty. I love looking on here for... More
  • BBDO Düsseldorf, Germany

    BBDO Düsseldorf, Germany


    Posted by: Moshe Bienenfeld, NYC
    Posted: Feb 4th 2014

    In such a simple, sleek and clever manner, they were able to create a way to: pay respect to one of the greatest musicia... More
  • Andrew Colin Beck

    Andrew Colin Beck


    Posted by: Cari Sekendur, NYC
    Posted: Jan 31st 2014

    I love this layout design from Andrew Colin Beck because of how he turns type into beautiful graphic elements and His mi... More
  • Gonzalo Nogues

    Gonzalo Nogues


    Posted by: Nicole, NYC
    Posted: Jan 27th 2014

    I really enjoyed this magazine layout. I think the use of repetition through color and the geometrical shapes tie the pa... More
  • Jessica Decker

    Jessica Decker


    Posted by: Ai Van, NYC
    Posted: Jan 25th 2014

    I am inspired by the work of Art Director Jessica Decker. She uses various graphic elements such as vintage fabric, hand... More
  • Hazen Creative

    Hazen Creative


    Posted by: Catherine Adreani, NYC
    Posted: Jan 24th 2014

    I loved the use of white space in this layout and the irreverence of the enormous body copy and numerical elements featu... More
  • Pomme Chan

    Pomme Chan


    Posted by: Louisa Cochran, LDN
    Posted: Nov 21st 2013

    Pomme Chan creates beautiful and detailed illustrations inspired by nature. I love the way she uses flowing lines and su... More