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We Love These Guys




    Posted by: Tanyaradzwa Taneka, BNE
    Posted: Oct 2nd 2011

    I Love the work of Craig & Karl - formerly of the Rinzen design studio, because of the way they use typography to convey... More
  • Kozyndan



    Posted by: Pauline Wong, LDN
    Posted: Sep 30th 2011

    Kozyndan is the joint pseudonym of Los Angeles-based husband-and-wife illustrator team Kozue and Dan Kitchens, known in ... More
  • Blast Agency

    Blast Agency


    Posted by: Pauline Wong, LDN
    Posted: Sep 30th 2011

    Blast Agency are a design consultancy specialising in brand identity and brand communications. I especially love the wor... More
  • Jerod Gibson

    Jerod Gibson


    Posted by: Christian Carrihill, LDN
    Posted: Sep 30th 2011

    Jerod Gibson is the creative Director at the design studio, Alice. According to his site, Gibson has worked on various p... More
  • KNSK



    Posted by: Ben Polkinghorne, LDN
    Posted: Sep 28th 2011

    I love the work of KNSK Germany, specifically the work they created for WMF. The creation of type with the use of the im... More
  • We Are Useful

    We Are Useful


    Posted by: Caroline Noirjean, SYD
    Posted: Sep 28th 2011

    Just came across the work of this London-based studio. They specialize in design for Fashion and their projects are stun... More
  • Good Fucking Design Advice

    Good Fucking Design Advice


    Posted by: Caroline Noirjean, SYD
    Posted: Sep 28th 2011

    G.F.D.A. is a humorous yet worthy collaborative project between designers/educators Brian Buirge and Jason Bacher. Click... More
  • Stephanie Kubo

    Stephanie Kubo


    Posted by: Lucy Pidcock, SYD
    Posted: Sep 27th 2011

    Stephanie Kubo has a BFA from California College of the Arts, San Francisco and is currently living and working in Oakla... More
  • Banksy



    Posted by: Aaron Sammut, LDN
    Posted: Sep 27th 2011

    The graffiti by Banksy always inspires me as there is always some sort of political meaning behind the work. Banksy's wo... More
  • Parallax Design

    Parallax Design


    Posted by: Aimee Clarke, SYD
    Posted: Sep 26th 2011

    Parallax is a brand and communications design firm based in Adelaide, South Australia. Matthew Remphrey is the Creative ... More