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We Love These Guys

  • Ron English

    Ron English


    Posted by: Jean-Gilles, NYC
    Posted: Oct 8th 2011

    Ron English's work is amazing! His art is full of vibrant colors and mix media and is iconic and controversial. He still... More
  • Michaelo



    Posted by: Jean-Gilles, NYC
    Posted: Oct 8th 2011

    I love the work of this digital artist because his work is brilliant, the colors he chooses are very vivid and the image... More
  • Peter Callesen paper works

    Peter Callesen paper works


    Posted by: Lucie Carpentier, LDN
    Posted: Oct 8th 2011

    We might all remember those nice times as children when we would make nice pieces of art with a piece of paper, scissors... More
  • Amandine Alessandra

    Amandine Alessandra


    Posted by: Francesca Tortora, LDN
    Posted: Oct 8th 2011

    Amandine is a photographer and designer based in London. Her 'Wearable lettering' is such a simple idea but produces som... More
  • Stockholm Design Lab

    Stockholm Design Lab


    Posted by: Peggy Troupin, NYC
    Posted: Oct 7th 2011

    I love the work of the Stockholm Design Lab, a well-named 10-year old Swedish studio that specializes in graphic design ... More
  • Tabas



    Posted by: Peter King, LDN
    Posted: Oct 6th 2011

    Some lovely hand drawn type treatments, great graphics and a neat little portfolio website all join together to make thi... More
  • Alberto Sevezo

    Alberto Sevezo


    Posted by: Anne Furubotn, LDN
    Posted: Oct 6th 2011

    I love the work of Alberto Sevezo because of how he use photoshop and Illustrator to creates his images. He removes at... More
  • Lundgren+Lindqvist



    Posted by: Toni Smith, BNE
    Posted: Oct 5th 2011

    I love the work of Lundgren+Lindqvist because of the attention they give to how the message will be received and experie... More
  • Face



    Posted by: Rachel Park, BNE
    Posted: Oct 4th 2011

    Face is a design studio based in Mexico. Their website presents their work really well, very fresh and modern. They have... More
  • Brent Rollins

    Brent Rollins


    Posted by: Jessica, LDN
    Posted: Oct 3rd 2011

    Brent has a bold use of composition. Most pictures are arranged in a collage, with strong arrangement of text in a bold ... More