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We Love These Guys

  • Lineto



    Posted by: Silvie Holeckova, LDN
    Posted: Oct 16th 2011

    Lineto is a Swiss studio designing typefaces. Also I love the presentation of them on the web or via specimens. ... More
  • I Love Dust

    I Love Dust


    Posted by: Sherry Chang, LDN
    Posted: Oct 16th 2011

    I Love Dust is a UK interdisciplinary design studio that's based in East London and Southsea. I really like the way they... More
  • Good Wives and Warriors

    Good Wives and Warriors


    Posted by: Stephanie Nunez, NYC
    Posted: Oct 12th 2011

    Becky Bolton and Louise Chappell illustrators and creative partners at Good Wives and Warriors (GWAW) in the London, UK ... More
  • Anthony Neil Dart

    Anthony Neil Dart


    Posted by: Sean Raynor, NYC
    Posted: Oct 11th 2011

    I find Anthony's work extremely interesting and inspiring given his unique typefaces and methods in which he portrays th... More
  • plateform magazine

    plateform magazine


    Posted by: aleksandra rogowska, LDN
    Posted: Oct 11th 2011

    Plateform magazine is an online magazine devoted to seeking out and bringing to the spotlight exceptional pieces of visu... More
  • Evelin Kasikov

    Evelin Kasikov


    Posted by: Alex Ouston, BNE
    Posted: Oct 10th 2011

    What a fantastic way to create type. It's imaginative and inspiring.... More
  • Oh Beautiful Beer

    Oh Beautiful Beer


    Posted by: Peter King, LDN
    Posted: Oct 9th 2011

    Brought to you by http://harveyshepard.com/ Oh Beautiful Beer is a cool little resource of beer related graphic design. ... More
  • Mario Hugo

    Mario Hugo


    Posted by: Barbora Dudova, LDN
    Posted: Oct 9th 2011

    Mario Hugo specialises in direction, design and illustration. His portfolio definitely worth a visit. His precise illust... More
  • Johnny Kelly / Nexus Production

    Johnny Kelly / Nexus Production


    Posted by: Risa Tochigi, NYC
    Posted: Oct 9th 2011

    I first saw 'The Seed' by Johnny Kelly in a book in class, but didn't jot down any info about it. Luckily, I stumbled ac... More
  • Florian Nicolle

    Florian Nicolle


    Posted by: Jean-Gilles, NYC
    Posted: Oct 8th 2011

    I love Florian's work because it's so unique. I love the way he uses different materials and textures, especially the w... More