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We Love These Guys

  •  Dan Cassaro, Young Jerks

    Dan Cassaro, Young Jerks


    Posted by: Patricia Zielke, BNE
    Posted: Mar 25th 2012

    Dan Cassaro is a designer, animator, and illustrator. He puts words on paper so that they might be accountable for thems... More
  • Tomato



    Posted by: Suzannah Sigsby, SYD
    Posted: Mar 21st 2012

    I love the work of Tomato because of the way they use typography, solid black and white and the fact they are musicians ... More
  • Sandra Diekmann

    Sandra Diekmann


    Posted by: James Wiseman, MEL
    Posted: Mar 18th 2012

    I love the illustrations from Sandra Diekmann. The use of nature & colour is amazing. ... More
  • Silvio Teixeira

    Silvio Teixeira


    Posted by: Caroline Noirjean, SYD
    Posted: Mar 14th 2012

    You gotta love this project by Silvio Teixeira: a poster, a set of business cards, and a flip book animation all in one!... More
  • Adrian Johnson

    Adrian Johnson


    Posted by: Katia Rasera, BNE
    Posted: Mar 12th 2012

    I love the work of Adrian Johnson because of how he uses vivid colours and simple shapes to communicate an effective mes... More
  • Jeremy Kool

    Jeremy Kool


    Posted by: Clare Rose, SYD
    Posted: Mar 12th 2012

    Awesome idea - love the textures and characters. So personable and full of life. This is a brilliant idea for a project ... More
  • Kiss Miklos

    Kiss Miklos


    Posted by: Jennifer Long, SYD
    Posted: Mar 7th 2012

    Kiss Miklos (what an awesome name) is a Hungarian designer specialising in branding. His work caught my eye a little whi... More
  • Daren Newman

    Daren Newman


    Posted by: Jacynda Birrell, BNE
    Posted: Mar 6th 2012

    Daren Newman is 'Me and My Pen'. He uses a mix of hand drawn type and illustrations to create these beautiful packages. ... More
  • Fred Eerdekens

    Fred Eerdekens


    Posted by: Sophie Lin, SYD
    Posted: Mar 5th 2012

    Shadow typography!!! Belgian artist Fred Eerdekens creates type that masterfully manipulates light and shadows.... More
  • Christian Jackson

    Christian Jackson


    Posted by: Clare Rose, SYD
    Posted: Mar 5th 2012

    Christian Jackson is a designer from Chicago. I love these simple book cover designs. The essence of the narrative is ca... More