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We Love These Guys

  • Josephmark - Pocket Hipster App

    Josephmark - Pocket Hipster App


    Posted by: Stacy Shallue, BNE
    Posted: Aug 14th 2012

    I love this funky app designed by Brisbane creative agency Josephmark. Self described 'It's, like, totally the coolest m... More
  • Collection Magazine

    Collection Magazine


    Posted by: Miriam Bligh, BNE
    Posted: Aug 6th 2012

    Collection Magazine is a fashion publication with a difference. Perforated at the spine, every page is collectable and r... More
  • Lotta Nieminen

    Lotta Nieminen


    Posted by: Thea Powell, SYD
    Posted: Aug 3rd 2012

    Don't even get me started on how much I'm crushing on this Finnish lass, originally from Helsinki but now freelancing in... More
  • Dominique Falla

    Dominique Falla


    Posted by: Kelly Meyer, BNE
    Posted: Jul 31st 2012

    I love the combination of digital design with craft techniques in the work of Dominique Falla. Her work includes produci... More
  • The Nation

    The Nation


    Posted by: Nevena Radojevic, BNE
    Posted: Jul 7th 2012

    The Nation are a New York design studio specialising in corporate identity. The images provided show the new Genome from... More
  • Irene Shkarovska

    Irene Shkarovska

    http://www.underconsideration.com/brandnew/, http://www.behance.net/gallery/Ab-ovo-identity/1573769

    Posted by: Katie Castel, BNE
    Posted: Jul 6th 2012

    I love the work of Ukrainian graphic designer/illustrator Irene Shkarovska. She has an eclectic style which she adapts t... More
  • Jonny Holmes

    Jonny Holmes


    Posted by: Tegan Fels, BNE
    Posted: Jul 3rd 2012

    I love the work of Jonny Holmes because of how he uses textures to create a decorative alphabet. He is currently a graph... More
  • Toormix Creative Studio

    Toormix Creative Studio


    Posted by: Joanna Khoury, NYC
    Posted: Jun 21st 2012

    I love the work of Toormix because of how they use typography (complex yet simple and clean) and simple graphic elements... More
  • codefrisko



    Posted by: Gina Olafson, SYD
    Posted: Jun 18th 2012

    "Codefrisko is a graphic design and art direction studio which was founded in 2006 by Audrey Schayes (founder of Frisko ... More
  • YES



    Posted by: Monty Martin-Weber, SYD
    Posted: Jun 12th 2012

    I really love the use of alignment on the double page spread image, it really makes the text clearer and the colours pop... More