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Darren Booth

  • Darren Booth
  • Darren Booth
  • Darren Booth
  • Darren Booth
  • Darren Booth

Category: Designers/Studios, Illustration,


Posted by: Emma McOrrie
Location: Brisbane
Posted: May 7th 2014

Darren Booth is a Canadian illustrator & letterer. His high-profile clients include Steve Martin and Willie Nelson. His client list: Coca-Cola, Aol, Target, Disney, McDonald's, and The New York Times. I love this piece for both the typography and the type package as a piece of art. The way the letters are like key holes to the artwork behind/through them. The play on words they are representing, hinting that Steve Martin himself is an object of hidden beauty, but still beautiful on the outside. Darren uses left alignment for the type package and the consistent use of upper case with filled out counters, to me captured the keyhole perspective well. The script type of the sub heading is a soft break between the two parts of the heading, whilst your eyes still falls to it last. I like the contrast, negative space and simplicity of the crisp white background to the bold red and texture of the letters

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  • Constanza Moyano
    United States, Brooklyn | Aug 30th 2014
    I LOVE the way of turn fine art into a pretty graphic piece of art. Beautiful job!

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