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Johnny Cupcakes

  • Johnny Cupcakes
  • Johnny Cupcakes
  • Johnny Cupcakes
  • Johnny Cupcakes

Category: Designers/Studios, Illustration,


Posted by: Jade Robinson
Location: Brisbane
Posted: Apr 17th 2012

Johnny Cupcakes started as just one guy selling his skull & crossbone cupcake design t'shirts out of the back of his van and at his gigs. It's now a large, multi-million dollar company selling clothing / accessories / fashion etc across the world. The brand is fun and the designer has maintained his small business, non-commercial ethic without selling out! I love the mix of sweet & sour, feminine & masculine in the actual Johnny Cupcakes design logo (skull & bones with a cupcake), and brand name (masculine name 'Johnny' combined with feminine name cupcakes). I love that the label name has no relationship to clothing... makes it kinda quirky! The whole business also carries through the cupcake and bakery theme across all areas of the business. Johnny Cupcakes packaging is amazing! Every single item is packaged individually, uniquely and is hand made. The packaging is detailed, fun and matches the brand perfectly. There is quite a bit of thought behind each packaging style. The colours are bold and there are lots of different types of packages - from wrapping paper to wooden boxes to cardboard carry boxes to "explosive" cylinder's etc - which keeps it fun & interesting. The packaging is as much of a feature as the product …. I would buy the products just for the packaging!! I LOVE THIS GUY! Johnny Cupcakes - check it out!

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