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We Love These Guys

  • Anagrama - Brand Intelligence Group

    Anagrama - Brand Intelligence Group


    Posted by: Frankie Young, BNE
    Posted: Apr 4th 2014

    I adore Anagrama because all their work is of such elegant beauty. They feature perfectly stripped back designs and wond... More
  • Ilovedust



    Posted by: Victoria Murphy, MEL
    Posted: Mar 18th 2014

    I love I Love Dust - the company I mean! I Love Dust. Their attention to detail, use of mixed media and and use of typ... More
  • jinsei tosyokan

    jinsei tosyokan


    Posted by: Sharon Roberts, SYD
    Posted: Mar 18th 2014

    I love the work of Circle-D because they have mastered simplicity of design. They are based in Tokyo, Japan and as I do... More
  • Pentagram



    Posted by: Charlotte G, MEL
    Posted: Mar 17th 2014

    Pentagram - what's not to love!? ... More
  • Pavel Emelyanov

    Pavel Emelyanov


    Posted by: Stanley Darmawan, SYD
    Posted: Mar 17th 2014

    I love the work of Pavel Emelyanov because of how he uses colours alongside sketch illustrations. He's based in Russia, ... More
  • Bedow



    Posted by: Kaew Bangsakun, MEL
    Posted: Mar 14th 2014

    I love the work of Bedow because the simplicity of the shapes and how they use colours in their brand identity design. T... More
  • onlab



    Posted by: Jessica Sutton, MEL
    Posted: Mar 12th 2014

    I love this limited edition run of a three-part magazine series, 'Ménage à 3' by Berlin-based design studio onlab. The... More
  • Albin Holmqvist

    Albin Holmqvist


    Posted by: DO, SYD
    Posted: Mar 10th 2014

    Albin Holmqvist. Talented art director and designer based out of Stockholm. The extremely neat type packages for E... More
  • Luke Lucas

    Luke Lucas


    Posted by: Kellie McIver, SYD
    Posted: Mar 10th 2014

    I love the work of Luke Lucas. This talented Melbourne typographer brings type to life! Luke's handmade type makes you... More
  • Zachary Smith

    Zachary Smith


    Posted by: Jennina Espiritu, MEL
    Posted: Mar 8th 2014

    I love the work of Zachary Smith. His talent for hand drawn typography is amazing, and the way he combines it with image... More